Hi I'm Tony!
Hi I'm Tony!
Full-Stack web developer


A look into my life

I knew what I wanted to do at the age of 12 and the first step that my parents did is to order computer science courses for me.

Computers were pretty old so the first programming language for me was C. Then I've studied Borland Pascal, Visual Basic, but the syntax of C-based languages looked better for me so next course I have taken was C++.

I have had already good computer science knowledge when I have learned PHP just for fun to do a simple dynamic web page for myself and I like it because it's C-based language.

When I've studied Mechanic and Math at the university I had to find a part-time job, but most of the application development companies wanted someone to work full-time. And I have also a passion after graduating its traveling.

After the university, I've worked for a while in a small company as leading full-stack web developer full-time, but I dreamed of a remote job that would fit my passion for traveling. And I got it when guys from State College Pennsylvania decided to found The Website Marketing Agency.

I have started my career in commercial area at 2006 as part-time PHP developer, then I became leading full-stack web developer and now I work remotely.

I love my job and I love to do something new or automate developing process to improve speed and quality when I have a lot of typical projects or free time.

My Skills
My Skills
  • HTML, CSS, LESS, SASS, Bootstrap
  • Javascript: Node.js, AngularJS, jQuery, Gulp, Yarn/Bower, Webpack, ECMAScript 6
  • PHP: Zend, SilverStripe, composer
  • GIT, SVN
  • Linux scripting: BASH, Python

Slide next to see some examples of my work .. .

Marketing Module
Marketing Module

SilverStripe Marketing module let's you create custom feedback pages and link fields to marketing profiles.

It let's you manage visitors interaction, collect and store visitor data with mass mailer integration.

SilverStripe Mass Mailer Module
SilverStripe Mass Mailer Module

Mass Mailer module let's you import recipients to mailing lists and easily send bulk mails.

Module can be integrated with the other modules and analytics.

Custom mail templating, visitor profiling, subscription controls and many other features are supported.

Custom Build System
Custom Build System

Custom gulp.js+bower+composer based build system with SilverStripe integration.

Precompiles, merges and compress configs, javascripts, PHP code, thirdparty libs, LESS+SASS, templates and images

It also auto extends them with my own extensions.

Server Management
Server Management

Automatization of server management using Python.

I work on server automatization scripts for an instance my scripts automatically optimize website images, setting up new websites and backing up sites.

For example backup script once per week creates new temporary Digital Ocean server (it saves disk space) clean up configs, gets mysql dump, uploads websites (files+mysql dumps) to the server, compress them at the server to encrypted zip-files and uploads them to Dropbox account after that temporary server being deleted automatically (it saves money).